HLRA is in the process of converting two of the three (unused) Tennis courts behind the Beech hedge to the north of the main sports field into joint Basketball/Netball courts, in order that these sports may be played during good weather, initially on an occasional basis during lunch-hours and, long-term, with a view to forming teams/clubs for competitive matches. We already have a group of male players ready and waiting to get onto the Basketball court to "shoot hoops", just as soon as we can finish cleaning the courts - base painting and court lining will be undertaken as soon as we can get quotes for the work.
Anyone (HLRA member or not) who is interested in taking part in any of these upcoming activities should contact Tony Betteridge, HLRA Administrator, either via e-mail (recsoc@hotmail.com) or 'phone - 01235 831072 (Mon-Fri 9.30am - 2pm) as soon as possible.
PS.The third Tennis court will remain in situ for HLRA members to book and use on an ad hoc basis through HLRA, the intention being to encourage members to take up a new sport, or return to playing after a gap from where they may wish to go on and join the existing HLLTC (Harwell Laboratories Lawn Tennis Club), where they may improve their playing standard and have the opportunity for match play.
Information on any of these activities is available from Tony - please get in touch.

Added: 26 Jul 13